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MEDTAPP (Medicaid Technical Assistance and Policy Program) is a university Medicaid research partnership combining nonfederal and federal funds to support the efficient and effective administration of the Medicaid program.

MEDTAPP program funding is 50% Federal Financial Participation (FFP) and 50% qualified non-federal funds.

Typically qualified non-federal funds include university faculty and facility support. Recently, state general revenue funds, private contributions, and bona fide donations have also been used as funding sources.

MEDTAPP’s program focus areas include 1) workforce development; 2) quality improvement initiatives, and 3) rapid technical/ clinical consultation.

MEDTAPP partners include the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM), the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS), the Ohio Department of Development Disabilities (DODD), the Ohio Board of Regents, and the Government Resource Center.

Click here to read the MEDTAPP Agreement

MEDTAPP 101 Presentation (pdf)