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Ohio Community Health Worker Statewide Assessment - September 2018 [key findings] [fact sheets]

Prepregnancy Insurance and Timely Prenatal Care for Medicaid Births: Before and After the Affordable Care Act in Ohio - August 2018 [Journal of Women's Health]

Client-Centered Contraceptive Care Change Package - December 2017 [LARCS change package]

Transportation Challenges for Ohioans with Disabilities - July 2017 [report] [impact sheet]

Evaluation of the MEDTAPP Healthcare Access Initiative - September 2016 [report] [appendices] [brief]

BEACON Childhood Obesity Network - July 2012-June 2013 [report]

Assessment of Ohio’s Enhanced Primary Care Home Initiative [report]

Caring for Children with Disabilities in Ohio: The Impact on Families [report] [policy brief]

Evaluating Services for Families with Children with Disabilities [report] [policy brief]

Key Findings and Next Steps of the Ohio Payment Reform Summit [report] [executive summary]

Proceedings of the BEACON Quality of Care Measurement Conference [report]

The Social Interaction and Behavior Effects of Siblings who Reside in a Household with a Child with Disability [report] [policy brief]

Children’s Access to Psychiatric Services [report]