Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey

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About OMAS

The Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey (OMAS) is an Ohio-specific assessment that provides health care access, utilization, and health status information about residential Ohioans at the state, regional and county levels, with a concentration on Ohio’s Medicaid, Medicaid-eligible, and non-Medicaid populations. The OMAS mission is to assist the efficient and effective administration of Ohio’s Medicaid program.  

OMAS is a mail, web, and random digit dial telephone survey that first fielded in 1997. In its eighth iteration, OMAS enables tracking of the state’s health system and health status over time.

The main topics for OMAS are health care access, health care utilization, insurance status, chronic and acute health conditions, mental health, health risk behaviors, and health demographics such as employment, income, and socioeconomic indicators. These topics assist the Ohio Department of Medicaid and other health-associated state and local agencies in identifying health services and system gaps and assist in developing strategies for improving health services to Ohio’s population.

OMAS is widely used for health system research and program development by Ohio’s colleges and universities, state and local governments, private sector organizations, and policy makers. OMAS data have been used for grant applications, community health initiatives, academic publications and presentations, health system planning activities, and philanthropic activities. These uses comply with the OMAS project’s purpose to serve Ohio’s Medicaid population and the state’s health vulnerable populations.

OMAS is administered by an Executive Committee which holds representation from Ohio’s health-associated state agencies, academics, and health stakeholders, and is fielded with the assistance of the Research Triangle Institute (RTI), International. If you have been contacted to complete this important survey and have questions or concerns, please contact either RTI at 1-855-322-2826, or the State of Ohio at 1-800-678-6437.

Click on a specific survey year below to read more about survey data, design and methods and to download the survey data, research findings and reports.

2021 Survey

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2019 Survey

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2017 Survey

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2015 Survey

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2012 Survey

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2010 Survey

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2008 Survey

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2004 & 1998 Survey

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The OMAS Dashboard is an interactive tool for exploring and reviewing the OMAS data. The OMAS Dashboard provides a current snapshot of Ohio’s healthcare landscape, examines trends over time, and compares key populations for Ohio’s adult and child populations. This tool provides fast, real-time results.

The OMAS Dashboard provides data on the state, Ohio’s Appalachian, rural, suburban, metropolitan county clusters, Medicaid Managed Care Regions, and Ohio’s 88 counties.

OMAS Executive Committee

OMAS is a Medicaid Technical Assistance and Policy Program (MEDTAPP) project sponsored by the Ohio Department of Medicaid, Ohio Department of Health, and The Ohio State University. The OMAS Executive Committee includes representatives from the sponsoring agencies, other cabinet-level health and human services agencies, an Academic Research Team, and the Principal and Co-Investigators from GRC.

Ohio Department of Medicaid

  • Yan Yuan, PhD
  • Mark Mygrant, MS
  • Schuyler Schmidt, JD, MS
  • Kandra Waugaman, MPA
  • Elizabeth Truex-Powell, PhD

Ohio Department of Health

  • Arati Sharma, MPH
  • Kristen Dickerson, PhD, MSN, MPH, RN, MLT (ASCP)
  • Bria Oden, MPH

Ohio Department of Aging

  • Morgan Fitzgerald, MPH, CHES
  • Emerson Lee, MBA

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

  • Jill Dannemiller

Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

  • Kraig Knudsen, PhD, MSW, MPH

Ohio Commission on Minority Health

  • Angela C. Dawson, Director
  • Angelik Smith, MBA

The Ohio State University

  • Amy Ferketich, PhD
  • Bo Lu, PhD
  • Townsand Price-Spratlen, PhD
  • Kenneth Steinman, PhD

Ohio University

  • Anirudh Ruhil, PhD
  • Marsha Lewis, PhD
  • Graciela Muniz-Terrera, PhD

University of Cincinnati

  • Jeff Timberlake, PhD
  • Eric Rademacher, PhD

University of Mount Union

  • Beth Canfield-Simbro, PhD, MPH

Miami University

  • Ian "Matt" Nelson, MGS

Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center

  • Lorin Ranbom, Director
  • Tim Sahr, MPH, MA, M.Div., Th.M
  • Michael Nau, PhD
  • Leyla Tosun, PhD
  • Robert Ashmead, PhD
  • Dushka Crane, PhD, LSSBB
  • Nathan Doogan, PhD
  • Gilbert Liu, MD, MS
  • Meredith McCormack-mager, MS
  • Kelly Markowski, PhD
  • Ann Robinson, MPH
  • Zachary Rossfeld, MD, MA, FAAP
  • Nikki Schnitzler, PhD
  • Elizabeth Whelan Jackson, MCRP
  • Nadine Wise

RTI International

  • Thomas Duffy, MPA
  • Marcus Berzofsky, DrPH
  • Meagan Brackin
  • Kurt Johnson, PhD
  • Zachary Nickey, MA, PMP
  • Rachael Buffkin, MS