Our mission is to identify, research, and spread innovative practices to improve access to quality healthcare for all Ohioans through partnerships with healthcare, state, and academic leaders.

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Staff Spotlight: Associate Director Builds Rural Health Career Through Appalachian Roots

As a child, Heather Robinson didn’t consider her family poor while living in a trailer in rural Ohio. Robinson passed the summers in McArthur, Ohio, a tight-knit community of no more than 2,000 in Vinton County, reading on her grandparents’ front porch, walking to her grandfather’s store downtown, and taking piano lessons from grandmother who was a music teacher.


  • We are staffed by career healthcare and human service research and policy experts.
  • We've held leadership positions in state and local government agencies & private sector organizations.
  • We have experience working directly with government agencies through MEDTAPP, which links academic research centers to state agencies.
  • We draw on the expertise of faculty and staff from Ohio's seven medical colleges and 13 public universities.
  • We maintain close working relationships with public and private sector health policy groups, health advocacy groups, and survey research firms.


GRC partners with universities, governments, and healthcare community partners.