Ohio Pregnancy Assessment Survey

The Ohio Pregnancy Assessment Survey (OPAS) is a statewide, ongoing, targeted population-based survey that utilizes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) methodology to collect information on and attitudes of residential women who had a live birth in Ohio. At the request of the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM), GRC is administering the OPAS to assist in the monitoring of maternal and infant health.

The OPAS provides data to improve the health of mothers and infants.

OPAS data provide information not available from other sources about pregnancy and the first few months after birth. This information can be used to identify groups of women and infants at high risk for health problems, to monitor changes in health status, and to measure progress towards goals in improving the health of mothers and infants. Additionally, the OPAS provides data to measure progress in Ohio’s maternal and infant health (MIH) initiatives and is used by researchers to investigate emerging issues in the field of reproductive health.

The OPAS is a stratified mixed collection mode random survey of residential women who gave birth in Ohio. Relevant populations of interest, such as the nine Ohio Health Equity Institute (OEI) counties, are oversampled to facilitate analysis of Ohio’s MIH initiatives and ongoing program development. Sampled women are contacted approximately 2-4 months after delivery and can participate by completing a mailed survey, online survey, or telephone survey. 

Data collection for the 2016-2020 OPAS is complete. The 2021 OPAS is currently being fielded with the assistance of RTI International. 2022 OPAS data collection will begin in March 2022.

For more information on the questionnaires and data, please visit the ODH website.
To view the annual data books, please visit the ODH website.

If you have been contacted to complete this important survey and have questions or concerns, please contact RTI at 866-406-7333.