Health Professions Data Warehouse (HPDW)

The MEDTAPP Health Professions Data Warehouse (HPDW) will enhance state agency capacity for healthcare workforce forecasting, policy development, and research. The HPDW will provide Ohio’s state agencies, policymakers, academic medical centers, and health sciences colleges and universities with accurate, up to date snapshots of Ohio’s current healthcare professional workforce status and capacity, identifying both barriers and solutions to improve recruitment and retention of providers serving Ohio’s Medicaid population. 

Ohio has a critical need for state-of-the-art tools with comprehensive data to better collect, aggregate, and analyze healthcare workforce data. The HPDW will provide immediate, reliable, and usable results to empower the Ohio Governor’s Office of Health Transformation, Ohio Department of Medicaid, Ohio Department of Health, other state agencies, and policymakers to better plan and execute Ohio’s healthcare workforce development strategies. 

The HPDW project consists of two concurrent implementation phases:

  • Phase 1: Construct the HPDW Technical Infrastructure and Import Critical Data Sets
  • Phase 2: Implement Ohio’s Health Professions Minimum Data Set

These efforts will provide an innovative health professional data analytics system to Ohio’s state agency sponsors and health professional licensure boards.