Hypertension Quality Improvement Project

The MEDTAPP Hypertension Quality Improvement Project (QIP) is the first quality improvement project that is part of the Ohio Department of Medicaid Chronic Conditions Quality Collaborative. By using a standardized plan of care and best practice guidelines to manage hypertension, the project aims to improve quality of care and reduce and/or control cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death nationwide.

A design committee consisting of clinical and subject matter experts throughout Ohio will develop components of the Hypertension QIP, including a quality improvement change package that incorporates evidence-based research interventions for the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease. With coaching from quality improvement experts, Primary Care Practices in Ohio will be selected to employ the change package, engage in project quality improvement activities, and transmit Electronic Health Record data at least once per month, but preferred every two weeks.

To learn more about practice site requirements and quality improvement activities for the Hypertension QIP, view the Project Overview and FAQs. If your site is interested in participating in the pilot phase of the project, please click here to complete a brief registration form.

This project is sponsored by the Ohio Department of Medicaid and contributes to the effective and efficient administration of the Medicaid program.