Bettina Hahn-Lawson

Photo of Bettina Hahn-Lawson
Bettina Hahn-Lawson, MS
Senior Project Manager

Bettina Hahn-Lawson joined the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center (GRC) in March 2023 as a Senior Project Manager. She currently serves as a project manager on the Care Innovation and Community Improvement Program (CICIP), Maternal Safety Quality Improvement Project and the Preconception Health 101 project. Bettina is experienced in project management, public policy development, early learning pedagogy and accessibility.
Bettina brings over 11 years of experience in government, public sector and nonprofit work, serving in various instructional and project leader roles with City Year New York and as a New York City Teaching Fellow. Prior to joining GRC, she served as a Legislative Aide in the Ohio House of Representatives where she worked on developing public utility, election, minimum wage and anti-discrimination legislation.
Bettina received her BA in Political Science with specialization in Women and Gender Studies and Religious Studies from Kenyon College. She received her MS in Elementary Special Education with a focus on Learning Disabilities from Hunter College and is currently enrolled in Ohio State's Working Professional MBA program. In her spare time, Bettina enjoys cooking new cuisines and live music.