Caitlin Lorincz

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Caitlin Lorincz, MS, MA
Senior Project Manager

Caitlin Lorincz, MS, MA

Caitlin Lorincz joined the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center in May 2023. She serves as a Senior Project Manager for the Regional Quality Improvement Hub Project, Medicaid Health Informatics Project, Data Analytics Project and Comprehensive Maternal Care Analytics Project.

Caitlin holds a master’s degree in Social Policy with a concentration in Health Policy from Brandeis University, a master’s degree in Public Affairs from the University of Massachusetts - Boston, and a bachelor’s degree in American History from the University of San Francisco.

Prior to joining GRC, Caitlin was a Senior Project Manager at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and managed various strategic priorities, including the development of a National Action Plan to Advance Patient Safety with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Caitlin also spent several years working on health policy issues in various roles in the Massachusetts Legislature and has a passion for disseminating best practices and supporting state-level innovations.