Nathan Doogan

Nathan Doogan headshot
Nathan Doogan, PhD
Senior Research Consultant

Dr. Nathan Doogan joined GRC in 2018. His formal education and training are highly relevant to policy-oriented health disparities research. He obtained his doctoral degree from the College of Social Work at The Ohio State University (OSU) in 2014 and subsequently completed four years of post-doctoral training at the College of Public Health at OSU.

Most of Nate's research has been related to addictions (CV available here). Sub-areas include peer-oriented recovery models, tobacco control, and substance use disparities. Nate also has an extensive technical and statistical tool box to address a wide variety of quantitative questions. He is fluent with the R statistical computing language, has a deep understanding of statistical modeling and statistical inference, and is driven to communicate clearly and openly with stakeholders about findings and their domain-relevant meanings.