Nathan Doogan

Nathan Doogan, PhD
Research Analytics Consultant

Nate joined GRC in May of 2018. His formal education and training are highly relevant to policy-oriented health disparities research. He obtained his doctoral degree from the College of Social Work at The Ohio State University (OSU) in 2014 and subsequently completed four years of post-doctoral training at the College of Public Health at OSU.

A major focus of Nate’s previous research is addiction. He has led or participated in a multitude of studies examining (1) the social dynamics of and treatment programs for people in recovery from substance use disorders, as well as (2) the disproportionate health burden of tobacco on vulnerable populations. A complete list of published studies is available in Nate’s CV.

Nate’s technical skillset comes from a decade of training and experience in scientific research with primary and secondary datasets. He has worked with data in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from well-cleaned to extremely messy. He has led many data modeling efforts for the purpose of statistical inference from various types of regression models, including those that account for statistical dependence arising from social interaction and space-time proximity. Nate also has significant experience with social simulation modeling, Bayesian inference, survey weighting, and the creation of customized data visualizations to support clear communication of analytic results.