Olivia Wodarcyk

Photo of Olivia Wodarcyk
Olivia Wodarcyk, MPH, MS
Oh-LIV-EE-uh WOO-darr-sik
Senior Project Manager

Olivia is a Senior Project Manager at the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center. She joined the GRC in 2023 and her current projects include the Episodes of Care Based Payments Project and the State Opioid and Stimulant Treatment Project for Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services. 

Olivia brings extensive experience in providing effective public health programming at the community level. She previously worked at Columbus Public Health as a Program Supervisor of Harm Reduction Services in the Alcohol and Drug Services Division overseeing community outreach, harm reduction education, and management of the naloxone distribution program. Olivia also worked at Franklin County Public Health as a grants manager overseeing naloxone distribution and coalition building efforts for the opiate crisis. She is a firm believer in providing innovative public health practices that meet individuals where they are and in prioritizing compassion and equity across services. 

Olivia received her Master of Public Health with a specialization in Epidemiology and her Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Toledo. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from The Ohio State University.