Closed Funding Opportunities

Infant Mortality Reduction Analytic Display Request for Quote - Due October 3, 2017

The Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center (GRC) is seeking services to integrate and harmonize interactive analytic web applications designed to aid Ohio state agencies in infant mortality research and reduction efforts, in a common interface using Tableau for deployment in a mixed-server environment including Tableau Server.

Medicaid Technical Assistance and Policy Program Healthcare Access Initiative Request for Proposals  SFY 2018 and SFY 2019 - Due March 6, 2017 -Withdrawn

On behalf of the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM), the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center (GRC) is requesting applications from qualified investigators through the Healthcare Access Initiative (HCA).

Medicaid Technical Assistance and Policy Program Healthcare Access Initiative Collaborative Lead Institution Application - Due December 16, 2016

Through its Medicaid Technical Assistance and Policy Program (MEDTAPP) Healthcare Access Initiative (HCA), the Government Resource Center (GRC) is seeking applications from institutions interested in being identified as the lead institution for a cardiovascular disease collaborative with an emphasis on health disparities.

MEDTAPP Quality Improvement Coordinators RFQ - Due July 5, 2016

QICs will be deployed on a regional basis to work in peer-to-peer relationships with health care practitioners serving Medicaid consumers, in practice based quality improvement collaboratives.

MEDTAPP Infant Mortality Research Partnership Request for Information - Due April 14, 2016

The Office of Health Transformation has identified that the State of Ohio needs rigorous research to identify interventions and resources needed to improve health outcomes for underserved populations and address this complicated health issue from a system's perspective.

Ohio Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) Postpartum Care Learning Collaborative - Website Vendor Request for Quote - Due January 15, 2016

The website will serve as the main marketing and communication tool for the GDM Project, which seeks to increase the rate of women attending postpartum-care visits and receive screening for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among women with a history of GDM through providing education and clinical training to both providers and clients.

The 2015 Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey Request for Applications - Due August 7, 2015

The topics to be investigated are descriptive and modeled assessments of: 1) maternal and infant/child health; 2) the influence of determinants of health upon health status, access to care, and health care utilization; and 3) access to and use of patient-centered medial homes, including analysis of the concept of care consistent with a medical home.

MEDTAPP Healthcare Access Initiative Evaluation Request for Proposal - Due April 3, 2015

In collaboration with ODM and GRC, the selected evaluator will finalize an evaluation design, timeline, and data collection methodology using appropriate qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to determine the MEDTAPP HCA Initiative's overall impact on the Ohio Medicaid population's access to quality healthcare.