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Ohio Opioid Analytics Project 

The Government Resource Center is seeking your assistance to identify academic experts from across Ohio to participate in the Ohio Opioid Analytics Project (OAP). This project is sponsored by of the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) and the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE). 

Advanced data analytic strategies will be used to provide insight into regional and sub-regional factors and increase the accuracy of predictions related to opioid endpoints, including opioid use disorder, overdose, death, loss of child custody, neonatal abstinence syndrome, medication assisted treatment, and other endpoints included at the request of state sponsors. Participating academic teams will be established to design and test: 

  1. Predictive models and data solutions to assist state leadership in program and policy decisions, and; 
  2. Point-of-service models and tools to support clinical decision making and risk assessment.  Additional information about this project can be found in the attached scope of work.   

GRC will contract with research, policy, and clinical experts with experience in the areas of opioid-related endpoints and advanced data analytics, including but not limited to spatial analytics, artificial neural networking, and logistic regression. We are seeking broad participation across Ohio’s colleges and universities. 

Faculty and staff interested in this project should submit a CV and letter of interest to Tina Bickert, Project Manager, at, no later than January 18, 2018. All faculty and staff who respond to this inquiry will be invited to complete an application that will include evaluation questions regarding their relevant expertise. The application will provide the selection criteria that will be used by state sponsors to make final vendor selections. Contracts will be awarded in the first quarter of 2018 through June, 2019.  

Scope of Work

Click here to view the Ohio Opioid Analytics Project scope of work