Transportation Equity for Ohioans with Disabilities

Technical assistance to Services for Independent Living’s and Disability Rights Ohio’s ongoing efforts to develop an equitable transportation system in Ohio.

The Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council (DD Council), in partnership with Services for Independent Living (SIL) and Disability Rights Ohio (DRO), have contracted with GRC to survey Ohioans with disabilities as well as agencies, advocates, caretakers and transportation providers across the state, to identify barriers and solutions to creating a more equitable transportation system. 

One of the overall research goals of the Transportation Equity for Ohioans with Disabilities study is to better understand how transportation affects other efforts throughout the state to further integrate people with disabilities into the community. To address this research question, GRC assists SIL and DRO with the development of these data collection tools and analysis of the resulting data.

Currently, GRC has a survey in the field available to be taken by Ohioans with a disability, transportation services who serve Ohioans with a disability, and agencies and advocates for such persons.  GRC works with SIL, DRO, and their regional collaborators to ensure the survey is distributed to these populations.