Infant Mortality Research Partnership

The Infant Mortality Research Partnership (IMRP), a collaboration between state agencies, researchers, and subject matter experts, uses big data to gain a better understanding of how we can lower infant mortality in Ohio. GRC brought together the IMRP team from the Ohio Departments of Medicaid, Health, Higher Education, and university researchers across multiple disciplines such as biostatistics, pediatrics, and geography. 

Phase I of the IMRP, which leveraged a diverse array of data and methods, sought to answer three overarching questions: 1) Where, within Ohio, should interventions be targeted to reduce infant mortality? 2) To whom should those interventions be targeted (i.e., which women are at highest risk)? and 3) How should those interventions be implemented, and what will be the likely future impact of these interventions?

Phase II will improve upon and expand previous models that focus on factors that increase risk, such as those related to social and behavioral health or structural and institutional factors.  GRC continues to provide project management, data, analytical, infrastructure, and evaluation support to the Partnership’s efforts. GRC will also maintain and update the IMRP Interactive Data Display which will ultimately provide state policymakers with timely, reliable, and usable results to better plan, budget, and implement quality healthcare services for Ohio’s Medicaid women and children.