Brynne Presser Funderburg

Photo of Brynne Presser Funderburg
Brynne Presser Funderburg, MPH, CHES
Senior Project Manager

Brynne brings years of experience serving to improve access to quality and inclusive health care services at the community, city and state level. Prior to joining GRC, Brynne held positions at both Case Western Reserve University and Columbus Public Health where she helped develop and implement comprehensive adolescent sexual health programming and increase access to teen and LGBTQ-friendly health care services. Brynne’s education and career has focused on leveraging public health research to address health inequities in Ohio. She is passionate about adolescent health, maternal and child health, and HIV/STI prevention work. 

Brynne received her Master of Public Health from The Ohio State University with a specialization in Health Behavior Health Promotion. She graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology.