In 2008, The Ohio Council of Medical School Deans founded the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center (GRC). Housed at The Ohio State University, GRC is a public university-based center for applied health policy research and technical assistance. GRC engages expert faculty and staff at Ohio's Colleges of Medicine and partners with state health and human services policymakers to improve the health and health systems for all Ohioans. GRC promotes health system transformation by:

  • Linking expert faculty and staff with health and human service policymakers
  • Providing health and health service research, evaluation, and quality improvement management
  • Performing data system management, data analytics, and training in analysis of administrative data
  • Consulting in survey design, management, and evaluation.
  • Offering project development, management, and fiscal administration



To identify, research, and spread innovative practices to improve access to quality health care for all Ohioans through partnerships with health care, state, and academic leaders.



Our Values

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Research Driven

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Fostering Innovation

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Supportive Culture



Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Vision


GRC recognizes the value of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and the essential role these values play in achieving our mission. Different perspectives and identities are valued and contribute to effectiveness in our work. GRC is committed to fostering a working environment where diversity is valued, inclusion is cultivated, and equity is achieved. We leverage the core tenets of diversity, equity and inclusion to drive our research excellence and organizational decision making.

GRC strives to be a leader and model of diversity and equity within our own organization and in the research community. We are accountable for producing innovative, equitable, and impactful work to better serve marginalized communities and reduce the health disparities that exist in Ohio.



GRC staff members are career health care and human service research and policy experts who have leadership positions in state and local government agencies and private sector organizations.


GRC partners with all of Ohio's Colleges of Medicine, health and human services state agencies, national university-state partnerships, and academic faculty and staff. Click here for the entire list of national, state, and local partners.


Find the latest news and event information related to GRC and health care in Ohio.


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