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“I started working at GRC as an entry-level researcher after graduating from school. Within my first year at GRC, my research had the national visibility and policy impact that one might hope to have after the end of a long career.”

-Michael Nau, PhD, Research Scientist 

Current Open Positions

Research Analytics Specialist (Job ID 448189): Functions as a Research Analytics Specialist participating in the conduct of applied research for the Government Resource Center (GRC) and Ohio's state and local agencies in the areas of Medicaid, public health, mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance use; participates in development and implementation of population-based health surveys and other data; uses statistical, qualitative, and quality improvement methods to analyze and summarize research data; applies concepts from summarized data to GRC projects and programs to advise agencies and stakeholders;  develops research protocols and manages large and small databases; creates advanced and complex queries to generate specialized data; produces interactive visualizations of survey and administrative data; writes reports of research results; participates in writing grant proposals to obtain additional funding in support of research being conducted; attends and makes presentations to state and local agencies; provides general data collection and analysis assistance to Ohio's colleges of medicine and governmental entities. ​​​​​​​

Sr Marketing/Communication Consultant (Job ID 447921): Develop, implement, and manage internal and external communications and marketing activities for the Government Resource Center (GRC); participates as a member of Senior Staff to advise on stakeholder engagement; manages the Communications staff to create and implement content strategy;  develops and implements a comprehensive internal and external communications strategy; evaluates and implements changes to communications strategy as appropriate; serves as the GRC representative with national, state, and local media entities to promote and identify speaking, presentation and publication opportunities; serves as GRC press liaison; responds to inquiries from various media and state agency sponsor groups; identifies, writes, edits, and distributes news releases, articles, reports, and other documents; manages and oversees all web, print, and social media activities; promotes the GRC via web, print, social media and through other sources as needed; oversees website site design and content; updates content as needed; oversees all social media accounts and content (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.); oversees the design of posters, brochures, presentation materials, and logos;  researches, analyzes, and collects key healthcare policy information to keep GRC staff updated on current local, state, and national trends, problems, research, and media concerns; oversees the coordination of  special events; directs and engages in public relations with all audiences, including the Ohio Council of Medical School Deans, state agency sponsors, and Wexner Medical Center colleagues on activities and programs; oversees budget for events.

Project Manger (Job ID 447531): Lead, direct, and supervise health care access and health provider workforce development projects identifying partnership opportunities between colleges and universities with health and human services agencies as part of the Government Resource Center (GRC); collaborates with experts in academic medical centers on efforts to prepare current and future health professionals to serve Medicaid beneficiaries and to work in underserved communities; in collaboration with colleges, universities and project sponsors, integrates the project sponsors goals with appropriate faculty and staff project expertise; manages health policy projects involving work teams composed of staff from different areas; determines resource needs, facilitates meetings, assigns tasks, identifies issues, and evaluates results; oversees that project participants meet project goals in timely and efficient manner; evaluates project effectiveness and works with sponsors to refine outcomes and set future expectations; prepares comprehensive and complex reports to communicate results and recommendations to sponsors and other appropriate constituencies.

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