Focus on ME, Mental Health is Essential Health

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Women are twice as likely as men to develop depression or anxiety throughout their lifetime. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on mental health. The number of women who reported mental health impacts from COVID-19 was threefold that of men with more than a quarter of women reporting increased stress, anxiety and other mental health struggles. Depression in women is most common among the ages 25-44. Symptoms of anxiety and depression may occur in relation to a specific life event, may be episodic, or chronic, and often occur together. 

Safe and effective treatments are available for depression and anxiety. Yet, fewer than half of women who experience clinically significant depression or anxiety receive care. Primary care practices are ideal settings to identify and address mental health conditions among women of reproductive age, since women in this age group are likely to have periodic contact with primary care practitioners.

Who We Are

Focus on ME, a project comprised of primary care providers across Ohio, is dedicated to improving health outcomes for women of reproductive age. The goal is to improve care related to depression and anxiety for women in Ohio seen at primary care practices by focusing on evidence-based behavioral health screening and treatment. 


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