Timothy Sahr

Timothy Sahr, MPH, MA
Director of Research and Analytics

Tim manages various research projects and policy initiatives concerning the health care system, behavioral risks, public health, environmental health and the health status of Ohioans.

Mr. Sahr’s academic research interests include social epidemiological theory, adolescent behavioral risk, poverty studies, and religion and health. Tim has authored/coauthored numerous reports assessing health issues in Ohio communities. He has also authored and coauthored a number of professional briefs and academic articles in professional journals, and has delivered over 100 lectures/presentations on various public health, health policy, and religion and health issues. Sahr earned graduate degrees from Princeton and Ohio State, was an Honors Program student at Oxford University, and attended Anderson University.

Currently, Mr. Sahr is also the co-principle investigator for the 2015 Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey, the Ohio Family Violence Prevention Project, and various other projects associated with the Government Resource Center and Ohio Public Health Capacities initiatives.

Mr. Sahr is the originator of the Practice-Based Epidemiology public health practitioner methods training series and a contributor to Time, Health, and Secularization in America (expected in early 2013). Tim’s prior employment included Director of Research at the Health Policy Institute of Ohio, Head of Policy at the Franklin County, Ohio, Board of Health, and survey researcher with Gallup International/Gallup Poll. Tim is also a Dr. George Gallup Foundation Fellow for Health and Humanities.