Gilbert Liu, MD, MS

Dr. Gilbert Liu
Gilbert Liu, MD, MS

Gilbert Liu, MD, was named director of the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center (GRC) in April 2024. He provides strategic direction to GRC, guiding efforts to identify, research, and spread innovative practices to improve access to quality healthcare for all Ohioans through partnerships with healthcare, state, and academic leaders.

Dr. Liu joined GRC as medical director in 2020 where he advised and consulted on research initiatives and health care improvement programs. During that time, he also served as an assistant medical director at the Ohio Department of Medicaid. 

He is a professor of clinical pediatrics at The Ohio State University and is a practicing pediatrician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Prior to joining GRC, Dr. Liu was the former medical director of Nationwide Children’s Hospital Partners For Kids. He also served as chief medical officer of the Kentucky Department of Medicaid Services and professor in the University of Louisville’s Department of Pediatrics.

Dr. Liu holds degrees from Duke University and the University of Mississippi and completed his pediatric residency and medical informatics fellowship at the University of North Carolina.