Data Analysis & Survey Research

GRC staff and partnering expert faculty have wide-ranging experience in the management and analysis of large health care data bases. This includes expertise from a variety of perspectives, including medicine, health economics, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacy practice, health services research and policy, operations research, epidemiology and statistics/biostatistics.

This expertise allows GRC the flexibility to provide clients with services tailored to meet their needs. GRC’s collaborative relationship with Ohio’s universities gives us access to additional expertise in a short timeframe is virtually unlimited.

Whether the task is measuring the performance of a health care delivery system at the plan, hospital, group, or practice level; evaluating the impact of a drug formulary, prior authorization, health and wellness, and care management programs; or forecasting expenditures and evaluating the impact of plan design changes, GRC has the expertise to work with a leadership team to frame the right questions, analyze the data, and provide actionable information. Furthermore, GRC can provide implementation guidance, ongoing support, evaluation, and relationship building.

GRC works directly with your Data Warehouse/Decision Support technology vendors to access health care data at its location in a secure encrypted technology, HIPAA compliant environment. Additionally, many GRC staff are expert users of statistical analysis and data mining tools in SAS, SPSS, STATA, and R.


Data Infrastructure
Health Professions Data Warehouse (HPDW)
Ohio Better Birth Outcomes
Ohio Family Violence Prevention
Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey (OMAS)